Web Analytics

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Website analytics is an essential tool with which you can gauge whether you are making the right marketing strategies for your business or not. By leveraging the data from your website, you can gain insight into the traffic on your website as well as the activity of your users. This can help you to track and tweak your marketing strategies in order to achieve better results. Therefore, web analytics refers to the process of tracking, collecting and then scrutinizing data of the traffic on your website. This process can be performed with the help of various tools such as Google analytics, social media analytics, ecommerce analytics tools, Google tag manager etc.

Creating a Digital Analytics Dashboard :

A digital analytics dashboard can help you in making sense of loads of data within a short period of time. It can be confusing to make sense of unorganized data. We understand the importance of creating a custom dashboard with patterned data in it. With the correct metrics, you can get valuable information at a glance.

Web Analytics Audit Services in Pakistan

Web analytics audit is a tool that evaluates whether the analytics on your website gathers the essential data or not. Also, it determines how well it is aligned with your business goals. As the web page content or design changes over time, the existing analytics tag can get affected. This tool identifies the changes and rectifies them properly.